What would the wedding cake for you an Bertl look like?


It would look like me

I’m the cake


Do not picture your OTP having a kid and losing said kid in a ball pit.

Oh I have imagines this. It usually involves Jean being frantic-ish and Marco getting worried. XD and with Reibert, they both start crying whilst searching and Reiner ends up diving I to the ball pit to rescue their precious baby.


how do YOU pronounce ‘jean’ ?

A good question. I pronounce it ze French way

'Worth It' (SNK; JeanMarco) NSFW ↗


Here is a little known fact:
With no parents to raise him, Levi grew up thinking he was a pigeon.

I’m laughing harder than I should
I imagine this is the cake Jean makes for Marco. Or perhaps they both make one together and deliver it to the friends they offended. (Like maybe reibert)
  • *favourite character appears*
  • me: *delighted pterodactyl noises*

To continue the domestic series from back in the day… They say Bertolt sleeps in all sorts of awkward positions.

Not my strongest ship, but these two are cute XD


every song is a ship song if you’re in too deep

I can vouch for this. So much.

I just started watching attack on titan and...what do people see in Marco? His entire character is based on being boring and only being worth something when he died for Jean to care. What's the deal why do people like him?


We like him because we can.

Marco was sweet, he was a team player, he made friends easily and was Jean’s closest friend and confidante, he could identify others’ strengths and could put his faith in his friends’ abilities, and although he could be kind of a pushover since he was generally a softie (honestly you kind of have to be a little bit of a pushover to be such close friends with jean in his trainee years), he was able to identify when something needed to be done and push himself to complete the task (see: him leading the trainees and shooting the Titans at HQ and fainting right afterwards— he was scared shitless, but brave enough to get shit done)

Also, right after we start seeing more of Marco and his interactions with Jean, he’s killed almost immediately, which was kind of a punch to the gut for those of us that were like “oh wow this guy is cute and sweet i think i like him”

some of it also has to do with fanon content. fans have taken what little characterization marco was given and have expanded upon it to flesh him out a little more. 

also if you don’t find Marco’s duality symbolism (bit [kind of] in half, a gemini, dark!marco theories which are completely flipside and opposite to his canon characterization) interesting from literary standpoint, i have nothing to say to you

Marco was also an example of how even the best and most promising soldiers can meet a terrible end, all alone, no acts of heroism whatsoever. He was integral to Jean’s character development. 
It’s also a little disturbing how he’s the only member of the 104th top ten graduating trainees that had absolutely no backstory.

"he’s boring" is a baseless opinion, and honestly, you coming into my inbox when it’s very much obvious that i ship jeanmarco and adore marco and saying that, comes off as you being an irritating asshole. you dont have to like marco, but you also dont have to try and bother people who do. so next time you send one of these annoying messages to someone, consider the following:
my foot up your ass




Marco Bodt the actual supermodel (◡‿◡✿)

He is so beautiful
Texting about the bae to the bestie